1. What do I wear to an Energy Healing?

You should wear some comfortable workout gear. Something you can lie on your back in for an hour without anything digging into your body making you feel uncomfortable.


2. What part of my body will you be working on?

I work on and around your whole body moving energy to help release blockages encouraging the body's natural flow. Sometimes I have to lift legs and arms to get energy to move a certain way which is why it is important to wear clothing that allows for lifting without restriction.


3. I don't know anything about this kind of thing, am I still a candidate?

Of course! No one is exempt. Sometimes the less we know the better, as there is no expectation. Come with an open mind and relaxed attitude and see what unfolds for you. If you have more questions please feel free to reach out to me directly.


4. What if I have an injury and I am scared of you doing more damage to it? 

There is no need to be wary. I am guided by intuition and I have worked on many people who have had ailments or injuries and I will be very careful around the injury so as not to damage it further. In most cases the session has helped the client with their issue. 


5. What happens before we start?

I do my healing work in a very simple way. You will lie down on your back on a yoga mat and have your palms facing up. I will put on some calming music just to set the tone and you can close your eyes and relax. I will do the rest. Sometimes I am drawn to use crystals in my work too, and they often come with their own meanings which we can discuss after the session has ended. Once I have finished I will tap you gently on the shoulder and quietly let you know I have finished the session.


6. What can I expect from an Energy Healing Session?

Everyone has a different journey in their healing process. In my healing sessions a variety of things can present themselves. Clients often see a colour or colours (chakra colours and the frequency of light they emit), sometimes people see other visions too. Often people's body's will release and let go of old trauma through shaking, twitching or jerking. This is a completely normal process of releasing energy, and although it might feel weird if you just go with it and the body will intuitively know what do do to release these old energies. People have felt like they were sinking into the mat, others just feel relaxed and others fall asleep! Sometimes people's limbs levitate too, hovering in mid-air without the need for support. As discussed on previous pages on this website, we are made of energy and once the energy starts to flow correctly in the rest and relaxed state (homeostasis), then the body will start to heal itself.


7. What kind of Yoga do you teach?

Predominantly I teach through feeling. I can feel the flow of energy through my body, so I follow that flow. Choosing different themes for the class elicits a different flow each time. Predominantly the moves are a majority of Yin based holds with some gentle Hatha flow involved to open up the joints and the fascia of the body. During the class we focus on breath work and tapping into our parasympathetic nervous system. Various mudras present themselves as we balance the energetic pathways throughout the body.


8. Do I need to be an experienced Yogi to attend your yoga classes?

No. All levels of ability are welcome to attend. It is your practice and I am there to guide your body along the way. However, we are all in different states of physical expression and each of us are mobile and inflexible in certain areas. Finding your tension is where the magic happens to unblock the static held energy in the body.